The Foundation is an affiliate of the Chamber of Digital Commerce that is focused on developing creative solutions to the most pressing issues facing the blockchain industry by providing education and supporting research.


Members of the Chamber of Digital Commerce continue to face interoperability issues. There are more than 1,000 blockchains in existence today, all offering various features and customization to specific industries. For a digital ecosystem to thrive, the ease of moving assets from one platform to another must be frictionless.


In order for blockchains to achieve mass adoption they must be able to scale. The two biggest blockchains by market capitalization, Bitcoin and Ethereum, process only 7 and 20 transactions per second, respectively. The blockchain community needs an unbiased, neutral, third party to provide education and research on scalability.


Accessing the internet in a secure and private way constitutes a basic human right. Blockchain-enabled networks allow for the individual to have control and ownerships of their digital assets. This includes identity, money, intellectual property and other tangible and intangible assets.



Many contributors in the open source ecosystem serve as volunteers. There are very few blockchain-specific academic programs. It is critical that the community has a third-party platform to help expand the pipeline of innovation and support technology advances in this sector.

Research and Support of Open Source Innovation - Accelerate the Roadmap

Our goal is to enable funding for core developers, scientists, engineers, academics and other technical experts to contribute to the most pressing issues facing the industry. Our objective is to provide a neutral platform to inspire and curate research and development.


There is a real shortage of blockchain-ready engineers and developers. In order for this industry to reach mass adoption, we also need to develop a workforce that can support it.

Education of the Workforce - Blockchain Technology Certifications

In partnership with industry thought leaders and academia, The Foundation proposes to serve as a catalyst and incubator that would help develop certification programs with a goal of creating a deeper bench of talent for this fast-growing industry.


Blockchain technology poses a paradigm shift for government, enterprise and society. The general public needs to better understand the basics of this technology in order to property leverage and benefit from it. The public continues to be inundated with negative stories that create an often misunderstood and skewed narrative of our ecosystem.

Communications to the Public - Enhancing the Narrative

The Foundation would produce professional resources and materials to educate the public on digital assets, blockchain technology and their benefits to society.


Announcing the launch of The Foundation

ANNOUNCING: The Foundation of the Chamber of Digital Commerce

What is the difference between and the tax benefits of donating to the Foundation of the Chamber of Digital Commerce and the Chamber of Digital Commerce:

The Foundation of the Chamber of Digital Commerce is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization and an affiliate of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. The Foundation is by law not allowed to engage in lobbying activities and was specifically formed to help accommodate the funding for research and education around digital asset and blockchain technologies. The Foundation is approved to collect charitable contributions. Such donations may be deducted, as set forth in the Internal Revenue Code, as a charitable contribution from the donor’s federal income tax.

The Chamber of Digital Commerce is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit membership organization. The Chamber is organized to promote the acceptance and use of digital assets and blockchain technologies. The Chamber does this through working closely with the government and the policy community to improve the business conditions of the blockchain industry. The Chamber approved and registered to engage in lobbying activities. Contributions to the Chamber may not be deducted from the donor’s federal income tax return as charitable contributions but may be deductible, in large measure, as a business expense.


The Foundation is actively seeking strategic partnerships with universities, researchers, academics and technologists. .

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